About Tom Klein

Tom has played the pipes for much of his adult life, after growing up playing classical music. His enigmatic approach to Irish piping features the interplay of harmonic relationships -with some reinterpretation of the instrument itself- that embraces an array of traditions: from medieval chant to classical impressionism to American military marching band and beyond. He has performed in concert, taught workshops, or provided demonstrations at the Na Píobairí Uilleann Annual Tionól (Dublin) the Southern California Tionól, the Seattle Tionól, the St. Louis Tionól, and the Willie Clancy Summer School (Co. Clare, Ireland). He has recorded and/or performed with Laura MacKenzie, Dean Magraw, Daithi Sproule, Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton, story teller Kevin Kling, Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, St. Olaf Orchestra, Twin Cities Women's Choir, and The Actors Theatre of Minnesota. Tom is the uilleann piper in The McNordiques, a Celtic-French-Nordic trio featuring Dan Newton and Renee Vaughan. He is a member of the Great Northern Irish Pipers’ Club (GNIPC), a non-profit organization devoted to fostering uilleann piping in America's Deep North. He teaches uilleann piping at the Center for Irish Music.